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steven dixon

Steven Dixon

Steven has been experimenting with various styles of art his entire life, having first picked up a brush at the age of nine. A classically trained artist, Dixon earned a BA in fine arts from Penn State University.

His career spans decades of creative direction in advertising and publishing, fusing art with creative strategy. 

Dixon's style of painting is definitive of his ability to capture the unique personality and complexity of his subjects.

For this "Art that Rocks" series, Dixon chose icons who made a mark, a difference or a statement. These are the people who think differently. Despite a pop-culture status, they have depth and intrigue -- layers that are reflected in Dixon's application in pairing in layers. Each painting is one of a kind.

"You see these paintings from afar, and they are depictions of the icon. When you look up close, they become more complicated and multi-dimensional."

For information about commissions and pricing please call him at 917-821-9799

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